BN Automation AG: Automation solutions for everyday life

BN Automation AG is a leading service pro­­vider in the field of automation, information technology and data-related solutions. For over 25 years we have executed over 2,000 projects for 750 customers from in­­dustry and the utilities industry in Germany, elsewhere in Europe and the rest of the world.

Using interdisciplinary co-operation, we combine technological knowledge with automation technology, information tech­­nology and electrical engineering to form an extraordinary service offer. The result is innovative products, solutions and services that help our customers to find answers to technical, commercial and ecological chal­­lenges. Our range of services covers automation technology, process control engineering, information technology, company data and maintenance management, switch­­gear construction, instrumentation and service. This allows us to take responsibility for their entire value chain of a project, minimise project risks and manage a system throughout its entire lifecycle.

We develop and produce goods with our own skilled employees. To a large extent, this great depth of added value enables us to determine the production completion dates and quality of our products ourselves.

We are independent and committed solely to the success of our customers.


  1. Address

    Gewerbepark „Am Wald“ 5a
    98693 Ilmenau
    Tel +49 3677 855-0
    Fax +49 3677 855-599

  2. Management

    Dr. Frank Bonitz


    Stefan Schneider

  3. Year of establishment

    1990 GmbH
    since 2000 AG

  4. Employees


  5. Certification

    ISO 9001
    SIEMENS Solution Partner