Bauer Media Group: International media house

The Bauer Media Group is one of the most successful and innovative media companies in the world. With over 300 magazines, more than 100 Internet sites, around 50 radio and TV stations, the Group is a global player in a vibrant sector that changes rapidly and continually reinvents itself. Sector leading, innovative and successful, the Bauer Media Group is led by Yvonne Bauer. It was founded in 1875 and is in its fifth generation of family ownership.

The Bauer Media Group reaches millions of people every week through its unparalleled, diverse portfolio of top brands in the people, lifestyle, fashion, women, TV listings and special interest segments. Through industry and consumer insight, the publishing house detects and explores consumer trends and needs which can be met through special publications or by refreshing existing titles.



Every day, a talented staff of approximately 9,000 in 15 countries deliver exceptional work across the Group’s many media products and brand extensions. In Germany, Bauer Media Group is the market leader in consumer publications where one in two Germans read one of the 54 magazines published by Bauer. Internationally, the Bauer Media Group is also extremely successful, particularly in Britain, where it is the leading publisher of consumer magazines, and in the USA and Eastern Europe – including Russia. It also has successful operations in Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, Mexico and China.



The core business of the Bauer Media Group is and will remain print. The company has also continued to innovate in digital media across all territories with far-sighted investments in recent years which have positioned it very well with a broad digital offering. Numerous new Internet portals offer significant opportunities to reach consumers and considerable growth potential.

The essential entrepreneurial activities of the Bauer Media Group include editorial, sales, advertising, print production creative and digital specialists who collectively ensure that the magazines’ content perfectly matches the audience and market need.



The Bauer Media Academy encompasses all educational activities and further education offerings of the Bauer Media Group. Young people seeking to start and build
a career in an international, innovative and yet familiar environment will find the best opportunities in the Bauer Media Group – whether in business management training, dual studies, the trainee programme or the new journalism school.



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