BARMER GEK Darmstadt: Strengthening health literacy and promoting health culture

The influence of the environment and of the occupational life on human health appears to be increasingly significant in the view point of the actors of company internal health protection. Especially for companies the well-being of the employ­­ees represents an important requirement for the corporate success. At the same time, health is an economic as well as a cost factor. The proportion of the health ex­­pen­­d­­iture to the gross domestic product is at 10.6 per cent and rising.

For years the BARMER GEK has been evaluating data on the factors of the rea­­sons for inability to work of its insured. This illustrates coherences between ac­­tiv­­ity and profession, age and gender as well as working conditions. Based on these results, the BARMER GEK developed the “company specific health programme”, which consists of numerous modules that can be integrated into already existing company structures. Possible measures include for example workshops on the topic of health, guided exercise breaks or after-work sports.

The health experts of the BARMER GEK in Darmstadt are pleased to help you. They are the contact for companies that wish to sensitise their employees to a well in­­formed health consciousness. Take this opportunity and join us in the important concept of company health care management.




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