ALUKÖNIGSTAHL GmbH: The building cladding specialist, Green technology for the blue planet


The building cladding specialist

Founded as an ironmongery company in Retz, Lower Austria, in 1864, ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is today 100 percent privately owned.

The König Group is active in the systems technology, solar technology, specialist trade and technical trade sectors. For over 50 years there has been an exclusive sales partnership with two internationally leading system manufacturers: Schüco International KG, world leader in aluminium and solar systems and expert for plastic systems, and Jansen AG, specialist for steel profile systems. Systems techno­­­­logy includes systems, fittings and accessories for windows, doors and facades, security systems and sun protection systems, coordinated machines and tools as well as mechatronics. Solar­­thermics and photovoltaics are the key focuses in the solar technology sector, while the focus in specialist steel trade concentrates on cold rolled or heat formed hollow steel profiles, precision tubes, seamless round tubes, sawing and bending. The technical trade focuses on trading in tools, machines, tool require­­ments and occupational safety.

Besides concentrating its business focus on Austria, the company’s main business areas are active in the promising markets located in Eastern and South Eastern Europe. ALUKÖNIGSTAHL always works closely with the most experienced local partners in all of its markets.



Green technology for the blue planet


As a leading supplier of future-oriented solar solutions by Schüco, KÖNIGSOLAR is synonymous with competence in roof, facade and field systems, in short: with sustained resource preservation in solar power and solarthermics.

KÖNIGSOLAR, based in Vienna, is a division of the Austrian ALUKÖNIGSTAHL Group and is active in Austria and seven other countries. Its distribution warehouses are located in Wiener Neudorf and Wiener Neustadt. Branch offices are located in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

KÖNIGSOLAR offers its customers inno­­vative technologies and a strong partner network. In this, KÖNIGSOLAR sees it­­­­­self not only as a supplier of efficient solar solutions and state-of-the-art solar façades, but also as a constant point of contact for architects, installers, solar technology specialists, planners, investors and builders. The company’s goal is to provide all markets with customised solutions – in residential development as well as industrial and commercial construction; with a broad product portfolio of high-quality materials; and with systems which comply with the most demanding standards in energy efficiency, safety, comfort and design and which are subject to the highest quality standards.


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    Goldschlagstraße 87–89
    A-1150 Wien
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  3. Business Activity

    sale of products made of aluminium and steel, products and solutions for window, door and facade construction as well as for photovoltaics and solarthermics