AKE Knebel GmbH & Co. KG – Different to all the others – Our formula for your success

AKE is a family-run, medium-sized com­­pany with an international focus, which has stood for the best possible quality in industrial and trade applications for over 50 years.

Today, AKE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of circular saw blades and milling cutters. The company ranks among the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. From custom tools to the most demanding standards, AKE tools guarantee optimal results in the wood, metal and plastics industries. To ensure that AKE’s strengths reach their full potential, they are complemented by an excellent tradition – thinking outside the box. Whenever Albert Knebel, the company founder, was asked for the secret of his success, he would invariably answer “The 4-A formula: Anders Als Alle Anderen! (different to all the others).”

Thus, the tradition of understanding the customer’s requirement for more economic machining methods led to a completely new innovation. Until then, it had been regarded as a law of nature that the machining process was associated with excessive noise, wasted material and wear and tear. AKE challenged this dogma, coming up with some extremely interesting results that ultimately led to a new generation of award-winning saw blades, like the SuperSilent. Today a wide range of tools with Cutting 2.0 technology are providing undreamt-of advantages.

  1. Address

    Hölzlestraße 14 + 16
    72336 Balingen
    Tel +49 7433 261-0
    Fax +49 7433 261-100

  2. Management

    Alexander Knebel,
    Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (TU),
    MBE, Uwe Widmann

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Manufacturer of carbide-tipped blades and diamond tools for the wood,
    plastics and metal industries