abcdruck GmbH: abcdruck combines the “Digital World” with “Traditional Printing”

2014 will see the abcdruck GmbH cele­­brate its 60th anniversary. That is 60 years of top qual­­ity and innovative pro­­cesses. abcdruck proved this conclusively in autumn 2013 by winning the PrintStars award, the German-speaking world’s big­­gest and most important com­­petition in the sector. “Innovation with qual­­­ity” is abcdruck’s corporate philos­­ophy. The company pursues its commit­­ment to the environment not only through its ISO and FSC certifications, but also by participating in the “Sus­­tainable Busi­­ness” pro­­ject organised by the city of Heidel­­berg. All technical equipment comes from Hei­­delberger Druckmaschinen AG, putting it at the forefront of international technol­­ogy. Thanks to its digital workflow, abc­­­druck is able to offer its customers every­­­­thing from one source – starting from graphics and design, data handling, type­­setting and reproduction, and stretching all the way to web-to-print solutions, pro­­cessing, letter shop, packaging and ship­­ping. As well as all these services from the printshop, the abcmedien team also designs and develops everything to do with apps and the Internet. Adver­­tising management provides the finishing touch to our portfolio. Com­­panies as diverse as Heidelberg­Cement AG, FORUM, Lifescan, DVAG, SAP AG, MLP AG, Pfizer, Deutsche Bahn, Lamy, Engel­­horn, Schu­­macher Mode, SRH and many more have been benefiting from this quality and versatility for years.


  1. Address

    Waldhofer Straße 19

    D-69123 Heidelberg

    Telefon +49 (0) 6221 8446-0

    Telefax +49 (0) 6221 8406-00


  2. Management

    Winfried Rothermel

    Natalie Rothermel

  3. Year of establishment

  4. Employees

  5. Business Areas

    Pre-press/creative service, offset printing, book printing, digital printing – printportal, post-press, web-to-print, online services, media management, lettershop,
    photobooks, logistic


  6. Business activity

    Print of: prospectuses, brochures,
    catalogues, books, posters, magazines, annual reports, calendars, business
    equipment, packaging, technical
    documentation, displays, photobooks