ABA Ausbildungs- und Berufsförderungsstätte Albstadt e.V.: Your partners in overcoming shortages of skilled staff

ABA is your competent vocation training partner. Specialising in vocational training for young people with personal problems, we offer a wide range of services for apprentices/trainees and companies. We support you and counteract any possible shortages of skilled staff you may have.

Our services include
• establishing new trainee positions
• creation of training requirements
• carrying out vocational training
• consolidating subjects taught at state vocational schools
• promoting acceptable teamwork as well as learning and working behaviour
• determining skill-levels, selecting and concluding training agreements
• working with institutions and parents

As a modern company, we offer an ideal extension of our services with our non-profit-making subsidiary company Profil gGmbH – Bildung mit System
• advanced and continuing in-service train­­ing and workshops for private citizens
• customised company training on
rel­evant subjects
• vocational training culminating in the ward of IHK certificates
• preparation for examinations and reme­dial teaching, including for trainees
• a Peppi Club for children aged from eight onwards


  1. Address

    Auf Lauen 12–17

    D-72461 Albstadt
    Telefon +49 (0) 7432 208-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 7432 208-29

  2. Year Of Establishment

  3. Business Activity

    educational and vocational
    training promotion services