Zürcher Verkehrsverbund ZVV: One ticket for all

Public transportation in the canton of Zu­­rich is booming. More and more people take the train, bus or tram for their business and personal trips. The Zurich transport network ZVV plans and organizes local public transportation within and beyond the boundaries of the canton of Zurich. Under the motto “One ticket for all,” ZVV offers a densely interconnected solution for efficient and ecological mo­­bility. While ZVV has the say in matters of strategy, planning and finances, eight independent companies and several public transportation companies deliver the actual transportation services. Every­day, 1,300 trains, buses, boats and cable cars go the equivalent of five times around the planet to take 1.6 million passengers to their destinations. 420,000 regular cus­­­­tomers – or about one third of the canton’s population – are the highest form of praise for 20 years of quality service.



  1. Address

    Hofwiesenstrasse 370
    CH-8090 Zürich
    Telefon +41 (0) 43 288484-8
    Telefax +41 (0) 43 288484-0
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    Transportation planning, finances,
    marketing & fares