Zeitungsgruppe Thüringen Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH: Spot on The Thuringia Newspaper Group

If you want to get to know Thuringia, there is only one way other than person­al viewing: the reading contained in the federal state’s newspapers, and there above all, that which is in the basic media Thüringer Allgemeine (TA), the Ostthüringer Zeitung (OTZ) and the Thüringische Landeszeitung (TLZ), organized by the Thuringia Newspaper Group.
The advertising, marketing, technology and administration of the three very different newspapers are run from Erfurt according to the successful model of the parent company, the WAZ-Media Group, “independent editorial – joint service”. For there, in the new building developed after the fall of the Berlin Wall, near the airport, directly on the new highway A71, the central service company has its headquarters. The newspapers compete heavily as regards editorial content: in Erfurt for example, the TA with the TLZ, in Jena, the OTZ with the TLZ; each wants to offer its readers the best and the most current news. Media diversity in the federal state is secured in this way and the readers reward it: the titles of the entire Group reach around one million Thuringian inhabitants. More than half of all the free state’s inhabitants over the age of 14 years read the TA, the OTZ or the TLZ.
Such figures are no accident; the newspapers of the Group belong to those with the cheapest subscription fees in the whole of Germany. Thanks to ultra-modern offset technology at the Erfurt and Löbichau (near Gera) printing locations, they are in colour and reader-friend­­ly. In addition they offer their custom­ers a dense network of publishing houses. Here the success in advertising is also not absent. Thuringia or individual re­­gions or cities within it, is best reached through the newspapers run by the Zeitungsgruppe Thüringen (Thuringia Newspaper Group).


  1. Address

    Gottstedter Landstraße 6
    D-99092 Erfurt
    Telefon +49 (0) 361 227-4
    Telefax +49 (0) 361 227-5007

  2. Employees

    1.800 plus 8.000 Deliverers
  3. Business activity

    Advertisement aquisitions, production and distribution of the Thüringer Allgemeine (TA),
    the Ostthüringer Zeitung (OTZ) and
    the Thüringische Landeszeitung (TLZ)