Wolf GmbH: Wolf Heiztechnik – Energy saving and environmental

Wolf GmbH, located in the Bavarian town of Mainburg, is a leading provider of air-­conditioning and heating systems. In 1963, the air conditioning and air hand­ling sectors began to evolve rapidly and progressed to the forefront of Europe’s building services industry. Clinics, airports, sport facilities and office buildings are fitted out with air conditioning and air handling devices produced by Wolf.

A key milestone was reached in the com­­pany’s successful history in 1981 when they entered the heating technology market. Wolf’s environmentally friendly, efficient and energy-saving heating units quickly established themselves as quality brand products. Highest scores in “Stif­­tung Warentest” tests are an impressive exam­­ple of this. Production and service of the highest quality set the basis for their success.

Wolf produces exclusively in the Bavarian town of Mainburg, makes a clear commitment to Germany as a business location and focuses on the “future – Made in Germany”. As a provider of com­­plete systems, Wolf offers products in the areas of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and solar technology as well as combined heat and power plants under the slogan: Energy saving and environmental protection included.




  1. Address

    Industriestraße 1
    84048 Mainburg
    Tel +49 8751 74-0
    Fax +49 8751 74-1600

  2. Management

    Bernhard Steppe (Speaker)
    Christian Amann
    Gerdewan Jacobs
    Rudolf Meindl

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Employees

    Approximately 1,460 in Germany
    Approximately 350 more worldwide

  5. Turnover

    337 million euros
    Export ratio of around 30 per cent (2013)

  6. Business activity

    Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, solar, combined heat and power plants