Wakol GmbH: High demand associates

The family-run company Wakol was es­­tab­­lished in 1934 as Chemische Fabrik Walter Kolodziej in the city of Pirma­­sens. At first, the range of products was tai­­lored to the local shoe industry. After growing dra­­mati­­cally and making im­­por­­­­tant acqui­­­si­­tions, today, the com­­pany generates a net revenue of about 55.4 million euros by producing and distrib­­uting adhe­­sives and sealing com­­pounds. The product ranges focus on: parquet and floor layers in the area of laying materials, uphol­­stery and mattress in­­dustry, shoe indus­­try, construc­­tion and automotive supply industry in the area of industrial systems as well as metal packing in­­­dus­­try in the area of sealing compounds.

Wakol has considerably invested in the site for 15 years. No production plant is older than 15 years. A process control computer controls, monitors and docu­­ments all manufactures on the 50,000 square metre site according to the same basic principle. Details concerning a spe­­cific production process are stored for many years and can be traced back at any time within the stor­­age period. The control and quality assur­­ance principle was developed in a joint collaboration between Wakol and the manufacturer of the process control computer software and is still setting the bar within the industry.

  1. Address

    Bottenbacher Straße 30
    D-66954 Pirmasens
    Telefon +49 (0) 6331 8001-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 6331 8001-890
  2. Management

    Christian Groß
    Dr. Götz Hillert
    Dr. Frederic Holzbaur
  3. Year of establishment

  4. Employees

    rund 180 (Gruppe)
  5. Unternehmen der Wakol-Gruppe

    Wakol GmbH, Mäder (A)
    Wakol Adhesa AG, Bern (CH)
    Wakol Foreco Srl., Marcallo con Casone (I)
    Loba-Wakol Polska Sp. z o.o., Warschau (PL)
    Loba Wakol LLC, Charlotte (USA)
  6. Business activity

    Chemical industry:
    Laying materials, industrial
    adhesives, sealing compounds