Volker Bouffier


Dear Reader,

Hessen is a strong centre of industry, services and research, boasting an out­­standing infrastructure and excellently trained specialists. For this reason, the state provides the best prerequisites for successfully developing the healthcare sector. Small and medium-sized enterprises are represented here in all the main branches as much as globally ac­­tive companies. Approximately 345,000 people are employed in the healthcare sector in Hessen. Around ten per cent of Hessen’s economic performance is generated in this area. And the industry is set to gain more prominence in the future – especially against the backdrop of demographic change.

Innovations are crucial in securing growth and competitiveness for the future. For this reason, investments in research and development carry great importance in Hessen, especially in medicine and pharmacy. Just as important as creating innovations is transferring the acquired knowledge quickly and efficiently to new products and services. The interface between science and the economy is therefore of particular significance. That is why efforts are being undertaken in a targeted manner in order to quickly and efficiently implement research develop­ments in technology and subsequently in economic growth segments with new jobs. At the same time, it is one of the key responsibilities of the state as well as all those involved in the healthcare sector to create the best possible conditions for citizens’ healthcare.

Our objective should be to ensure that regardless of their financial situation, everyone receives the necessary treatment in the event of illness, that this treatment is carried out in the best qual­ity possible with respect for human dignity and the patient’s right to self-deter­mination and that the healthcare system operates in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. In doing so, we are intent on securing and developing further the high level and broad range of services offered by the health establishments in Hessen. As health affects us all and this health is precious.



Volker Bouffier


Minister President of
the state of Hessen