voestalpine BWG GmbH & Co. KG: We put the future on track

The voestalpine BWG is the leading partner for modern turnout systems and globally recognized specialist in the field of high-speed transportation. The scope of services goes far beyond the production of turnouts. Complete support of a project from planning through production to maintenance according to economic aspects is as much in the foreground for voestalpine BWG as is logistic accompaniment and consultation at the time of turnout installation. Our quality product line is the result of many years of continuous development. At the Brandenburg-Kirchmöser location, primarily standard turnouts and elastic base plates for the world’s fastest high speed lines are produced. Here we also have a test laboratory equipped with our own test bench. Our engineers push innovations ahead in close colla­­bo­­ration with the Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) as well as the Branden­­­­burg University of Applied Sciences, renowned universities and institutes and thus ensure the international competitiveness of the group. An in-house training centre, the CCB, offers internal and external seminars teaching current knowledge on the subject of turnouts. In the future Brandenburg-Kirch­­möser will also be a centre for the con­­­­tinuously increasing business in mechanical grinding of turnouts.


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