Viega GmbH & Co. KG: Plumbing technology, making connections

Flourishing land­scapes in the new fed­eral states of Germany – in Groß­heringen this notion is closely associated with the name Viega. This company, which has its headquarters in Attendorn in Westphalia, has invested millions in its agricultural machinery plant (previously known as the Weimar plant) thereby establishing it as an efficient centre for the production of plumbing systems.
Today the Viega plant in Großheringen is one of the most modern production sites in Thuringia. In Großheringen over 600 skilled employees within the worldwide Viega Group produce piping sys­tems for the building services engineer­ing industry as well as for the industrial plant and shipbuilding industries. With its production in Groß­heringen, Viega is the world leader in the market for high-speed press-fitting technology used in the manufacturing of pipelines. A comprehensive product range of more than 14,000 items is produced in five locations in Germany. This is an exam­ple of the international efficiency of this business location. Viega traditionally plac­­es a high value on the education of its junior staff. New employees are professionally developed in a variety of jobs. The many prime positions secured by staff in the local, national and international professional championships points to the high level of educational qualifi­­cations at Viega in Großheringen.


  1. Address

    Am Mühlenberg 4
    D-99518 Großheringen
    Telefon +49 (0) 36461 96-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 36461 96-4234

  2. Year of foundation

    The Großheringen location was established: 1990
  3. Employees

    2,800 around the world
    over 600 in Großheringen
  4. Business activity

    Plumbing systems/connection technology
    Pre-wall systems/flushing technology