VEKA AG: Successful with innovations and responsibility

Luftaufnahme_VEKA_5429,-15VEKA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative PVC-U profile systems for windows, doors and roller shutters, as well as PVC sheets. The company was founded by Heinrich Laumann in 1969 and played a crucial role in the triumphant advance of PVC-U windows. The company delivers profile systems directly to 50 countries from its headquarters in Sendenhorst alone. 14 other production sites all over the world manufacture profile systems for the individual requirements of the respec­tive markets, which in turn are used by the partner companies to produce premium quality construction elements.

The VEKA Group employs over 3,900 members of staff in 25 subsidiaries on three continents. Around 1,400 of these employees work in Sendenhorst. In 2014, the family-run company paved the way for the future: by successfully acquiring its competitor GEALAN, VEKA made a further commitment to growth and to cultivate the various window markets in a differentiated way. As a result of the takeover, the VEKA Group has gained another 1,100 employees and increased its annual sales to over one billion euros. Innovation management has also been firmly rooted in the company through the founding of the VEKA Technology Service.


  1. Address

    Dieselstrasse 8
    48324 Sendenhorst
    Tel +49 2526 29-0
    Fax +49 2526 29-3710

  2. Management

    Andreas Hartleif
    Dr. Andreas W. Hillebrand (Deputy CEO)
    Elke Hartleif
    Dr. Werner Schuler
    Bonifatius Eichwald

  3. Year of establishment

    VEKAPLAST was taken over by Heinrich Laumann in 1969

  4. Business activity

    One of the world’s leading
    manufacturers of plastic
    PVC profiles for windows, front
    doors and roller shutters, as
    well as plastic sheets.

  5. Employees

    Approx. 3,900 employees worldwide, 1,400 of them in Sendenhorst

  6. Turnover

    793 million euros (2013)