Universitätsklinikum Leipzig: Medical care, research and education on the highest level


With 600 years of history the Faculty of Medicine and the University of Leipzig Hospitals and Clinics are not only steeped in tradition, but especially leading in all areas of modern medicine. With over 1,451 hospital beds the University of Leipzig Hospitals and Clinics provide one of the most modern constructional and technological infrastructures in Europe. Minimally invasive surgical techniques, planning and execution of computer-assisted operations, unique diagnostic possibilities as well as the development and application of advanced therapies meet the latest trends, enabling personalised care and ensuring the highest quality. In 50 divisions, institutes, sections and medical centres over 4,500 committed employees collaborate in an interdisciplinary manner, combining proven methods with innovative insights.

In the clinical centre at the heart of Leipzig around 400,000 inpatients and outpatients a year are treated and cared for at the highest level. They benefit from the unique combination of research, education and medical care which allows for an effective treatment even if treatment possibilities in other hospitals are exhausted.


  1. Address

    Liebigstraße 18
    04103 Leipzig
    Tel +49 341 971-09
    Fax +49 341 971-5909

  2. Medical Chairman

    Prof. Dr. Wolfgang E. Fleig

  3. CFO

    Dipl.-Kfm. Ekkehard Zimmer

  4. Year of establishment

    The Faculty of Medicine and the University of Leipzig Hospitals and Clinics were founded in 1415.

  5. Employees

    > 3,800 and 851 apprentices

  6. Business activity

    The University of Leipzig Hospitals and Clinics are a maximum care hospital and provide the full diagnostic and therapeutic range of modern high performance medicine (exception: cardiac surgery).

  7. Stationary cases


  8. Outpatient cases