TZL – TechnologieZentrum Ludwigshafen am Rhein GmbH: Good infrastructure and support for founders and start-ups

Relieving the difficulties young entre­pre­­neurs face in starting their own busi­­ness: this is the objective promoted by the TechnologieZentrum Ludwigshafen am Rhein GmbH (TZL) since its founding in 1990. The Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Economics and the City of Lud­­wigs­­hafen are the shareholders. The target group for TZL are per­­­sons who wish to found their own inno­­vative technology-oriented firms. The range of services offered by TZL is spe­­­cif­­­ically tailored to the needs of its clients and includes advisory services, renting, services and networking.

The initiative chem2biz, which has ex­­ist­­ed since 2004, and is run in coop­­era­­tion with BASF SE, offers company found­­ers and companies from the chemical-based sectors in chemistry, nanotechnology, phar­­maceutics, new materials, biotechnology and processing tech­­­­nology special consulting and lease packages. BASF provides infrastructure in form of la­­­bora­­­tories, technical and office spaces as well as technical services to firms at its Ludwigs­­hafen production site.

The TechnologieZentrum handles the busi­­­­ness support during the founding and growth phase. The clients profit from the experience and know-how of BASF, as well as the expertise of the TechnologieZentrum.


  1. Address

    Donnersbergweg 1

    D-67059 Ludwigshafen

    Telefon +49 (0) 621 5953-0

    Telefax +49 (0) 621 5953-120

  2. Management

    Michael Hanf
  3. Year of establishment

  4. Business activity

    Founding and development consultation
    for technology and/or
    innovation-oriented entrepreneurs,
    renting of office space,
    services (reception, post service,
    seminar and meeting rooms),
    infrastructure (Internet, beamer, fax, copier, franking machine, parking areas