BECKER-MANICURE Solingen: Tradition, innovation and quality

1Since 1930, BECKER-MANICURE has been a specialist for manicure and pedicure instruments, now in the third generation. As one of the very few manufacturers in this sector, the company has been DIN EN ISO 9001-certified since 2000. Strict quality controls ensure that products are of high value. Today, in addition to manicure and pedicure products, the assort­ment also contains a broad spectrum of cosmetic products, luxurious shaving ac­­cessories, toiletry bags made of the finest leather and special beauty gifts. The premium steel products are also offered as sets in exclusive manicure cases.

Fully automated  galvanization plant.

Fully automated
galvanization plant.

The products, which are mostly produced in Germany, but also partly in Italy and England, are successfully distributed worldwide. The steel products are manufactured in three plants in Solingen, using state-of-the-art automation technology. With the globally unique, fully automated galvanization plant which was brought into service in 2013, the company is able to refine its products in an even more efficient and environmentally-friendly manner. Thanks to the fully automated scissor production plant, a new dimension to manufacturing was initiated in 2014. Efficient processing centres produce the bent-up scissors quickly and accurately.


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    Friedrich-Wilhelm-Str. 18-22
    42655 Solingen
    Tel +49 212 2233-40
    Fax +49 212 2233-421

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  3. Business activity

    Manufacture and sales of home brands of trade and branded products.