TimePartner Holding GmbH: Flexibility as a company value

Nowadays flexibility is more important than ever. Especially in a constantly chang­­ing economic terrain, it is imperative for companies to recognize the value of flexibility. This is the only way they can employ personnel effectively. Tailor-made concepts are demanded here.

TimePartner, one of the top ten compa­­nies in the German temporary employment in­­dustry, offers exactly these custom-fit and flexible staffing solutions. These in­­clu­­de temporary employment, recruitment, high professionals and Inhouse­­Partner, the TimePartner on-site-management. In ad­­di­­tion to national project competence and re­­cruitment power, TimePartner distin­g­­ui­­s­­hes itself through local connectivity. The company operates nationwide and is re­­presented with about 80 branches in Ger­­many. Thus, even inter-regional re­­quests and very large personnel requirements can be staffed quickly with qualified wor­­kers. “The North, and consequently Schles­­wig-Holstein, is an attractive business lo­­ca­­­­tion for the temporary employment in­­­dus­­try” says Sven Kilian, CEO of TimePartner group and an expert of the German personnel recruitment industries.

TimePartner – everything from one source
Under the umbrella of TimePartner, powerful subsidiaries operate focusing on the individual needs of particular sectors, professional groups and tasks. These in­­clude the specializations TimePartner Avi­­ation and TimePartner Industrial Assem­­bly as well as High Professionals Molis High Professionals and ibb Kon­­struk­­ti­­ons­­­­­­­­dienst­­­­­­leistung, which exclusively provide highly qualified personnel. No matter what in­­dustry or profession: Close and personal contact is important to TimePartner. The company sees both parties as partners, customers as well as employees. The aim is to provide both with the best advice and service.

Customized staffing solutions
Temporary work has established itself in the Federal Republic as a form of employ­­ment and will in future continue to gain im­­portance. Personnel services have a large pool of highly skilled and motivated employees of different qualifications, which can be utilized on short notice and flexibly. This industry today offers customized staff­­­ing solutions for all levels, from skilled workers to mana­­g­­ers. A particular form of service is offered by InhousePartner, the TimePartner on-site-management. Here an inhouse spe­­cial­­ist situated at the customer’s premises takes care of the em­­ploy­ment of tem­­porary workers – a convincing concept for all parties. “In the future, only those who recognize and cultivate the value of flexibility will be able to maintain in the long run” says Kilian. “Temporary work offers a variety of possibilities.”




  1. Address

    Berliner Tor Center
    Beim Strohhause 27 (West)
    D-20097 Hamburg
    Telefon +49 (0) 40 253285-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 40 253285-200
  2. Management

    Sven Kilian
    Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung/CEO

    Thorsten Droste

  3. Business activity

    Temporary Employment,
    High Professionals and

  4. Employees

    Approximately 290 internal employees and approximately 4,500 employees in customer employment in about 80 offices nationwide