TimePartner Group GmbH: Your best partner for Bavaria

TimePartner, a leading Ger­man personnel service pro­vider, is present across Ger­­many with around 100 branch of­­fices as well as ap­­prox­­i­­­mate­­ly 8,000 em­­ployees.

The TimePartner Group provides tailored and reliable per­sonnel solu­tions and is a strong partner to many well-known com­panies in business sectors in­clud­ing Tempo­rary Work, In­house­Partner, High­Pro­­­­­fes­sion­­als and Construction. For the HighProfes­sion­als sector, Time­Part­ner is a specialist for pro­fessionals and ex­­­ecutives working in aerodynamics, en­gi­­neer­ing and office. For labour leasing, TimePartner uses the collective agree­­­­ment formulated by the iGZ (German association of tempo­rary employment agencies) and DGB (Ger­man Trade Union Confederation) and is also a member of the iGZ association.

TimePartner has been certified in line with the latest version of the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard.




  1. Address

    Berliner Tor Center
    Beim Strohhause 27 (West)
    20097 Hamburg


  2. Management

    Sven Kilian (CEO), Thorsten Droste (CFO)

  3. Year of establishment

    Affiliation in 2004

  4. Branch offices

    around 100 branch offices across Germany

  5. Employees

    around 8,000 employees across Germany
    of which around 450 are internal employees

  6. Business activity

    Temporary work, InhousePartner,
    HighProfessionals, Construction