Thomas M. Schuck: Boundless charm – Internationality is alive at the Saar

Did you know? When the tennis star Ro­­ger Federer strikes out for an all-decisive hit, Saarland is a part of the success of this world sportsman. Fe­­de­­­rer uses a Wilson tennis racket and this comes directly from the Amer Sports Europe Services GmbH in Überherrn.

When travelling becomes even more relaxing in Opel’s new winning model, Insigna, this is thanks to technology from Saarland. Through a coating of Nanogate AG, Insigna seats are im­­mune to ice-cream and chocolate marks.

Even when the Ford Focus Econetic suc­­cessfully cares for the environment, Saar­­land has played its part, as the car – awarded with the Auto-Umwelt-Zertifikat (environmental-friendly certificate) of the Öko-Trend in­­stitute – is built in Saar­­louis.

These are only three of numerous ex­­amples where our technologies, products and services can be found – successes shaped by the internationality of the region.


Traditionally, there exists a spry ex­­change with France. Work and leisure know no bounds in Saarland. Over 20,000 people come to work every day from France. They improve the lan­­guage and specialized competence of the region. With the high-speed train, TGV/ICE, Paris is only a close 110 minutes away.

Today, internationality is more and more frequently quoted by companies as an important factor in the choice of location – excellent conditions for the economic development of the smallest German federal state. Over the past few years, Saarland has accomplished its great potential through the successful structural transformation from a heavy industry to a logistics and high-tech location.
International competence
and tolerance are economic potentials
The American economic scientist Ri­­chard Florida defines tolerance, be­­side talent and technology, as one of the most important aspects in competition for investors, establishments and young, qualified employees. In this regard, we are optimally positioned in Saarland. Old and new Saarlanders praise the living internationality, hospitable atmosphere and “savoir-vivre” of the region as proof of a high quality of life.

Solid networks for an efficient state
Also the promotion of the economy in Saar­­land makes use of the traditional partnership and solid French competence that spreads widely across every field. At the same time, the gwSaar Saarland Eco­­nomic Promotion Corpo­­ration de­­velops new methods for the world wide acquisition of establishment projects. In order to act quickly and efficiently, we need to work in co-operation with a qualified network of partners. The part­­ners observe relevant markets in their respective home countries and support contact to potential investors. In the fore­­front of communication, marketing and profiling of the location Saarland, stand targeted activities for the settle­­ment of companies in focal fields.



Netzwerk Plus – Saarland offers companies more than just a location
Business development in Saarland has far more to offer new companies than the mere location. The SHS Struk­­tur­­holding Saar brings the activities of the business development and real estate industry under one roof. With “Netzwerk Plus”, the company offers all location-specific services from ad­­vice to turnkey property. In addition to this, we integrate newly settled com­­panies into a solid network that covers a broad know-how across fields. There is close contact to local, internatio­­n­­ally-renowned research institutions, numerous innovative companies, po­­l­­i­­tics and administration.

Business development in Saarland means technological advancement
The development of the high-tech lo­­cation of Saarland, with its main focus on IT and nanotechnology, is being dri­­ven forward by players from science and research, business and politics. The close co-operation bet­­ween business and science secures companies with important advantages for competition.

The international flair of the region al­­so reflected in the research carried out.
Scientists from 52 countries carry out re­­­search alone at the two – nationwide sole – Max Planck Institutes for Informatics and for Software Systems and at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

Effective business development must act multi-laterally, above all in the field of cutting-edge technology. Inter­na­tio­nal ex­­change is an important building block in technology-intensive fields for the acquisition of establishments. For, the development of a location is always dependent upon the reputation and pulling-force of local technology companies and research ins­ti­­tutes. gwSaar therefore also applies the technology transfer and the interna­­ti­­onalization of young Saar­­land-based technology companies.

In order to actively advance the techno­­l­­ogy transfer, gwSaar supports the “Saarland Technology Corporation”. The company has its headquarters in the Technology Park of the IIT Illinois In­­s­­ti­­tute of Tech­­nology in Chicago and cam­­paigns for Saarland’s cutting-edge technology. The office is the first point of contact for US companies that are interested in the know-how found in Saarland.

As a countermove, American techno­lo­­gy companies should gain the opportunity to exploit the location of Eu­­rope through the Saarbrücker Science Park.
With the initiative of the Saarland “Saar­­land Empowering Nano”, nanotech­­nology from Saarland could already be suc­­cessfully conveyed to Asia and South America. The “Saarland Technology Cor­­po­­ration” will now continue the success story in the USA.



Master plan for industrial areas in Saarland – new potential for property-intensive industries
Saarland plays an important role in international goods traffic. Logistics workers count on the location in the heart of Europe, the outstanding in­­fra­­structure and in nation-wide comparison cheap real estate and personnel costs. In order to be able to offer local companies long-term planning security and allow new settlements, Saarland’s government re­­solved the master plan for industrial areas.

The master plan was developed by the SBB Saarland Bau und Boden Projektgesellschaft SBB (Saarland Planing and Construction Corporation). In order to justify the need of industrial areas for modern companies, the SBB, among other things, used location, transport connection, ecological compatibility and possibly generous property grounds as decisive criteria for the selection of the six new development areas.

ThSchuckThe industrial engineer Thomas M. Schuck has been the managing director of LEG Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Saar­­land mbH since the year 1992 and, si­­multaneously, managing director of SBB Saarland Bau und Boden Projekt­ge­­sell­­­schaft mbH, since 1997 managing di­­rec­­tor of gwSaar Saarland Economic Pro­­mo­­tion Corporation, since 1998 also man­­aging director of SHS Struk­tur­­­hold­­ing Saar.