Thomas Dinger: „There is eBusiness or out of Business!“


eBusiness applications offer many options for all the needs of everyday enterprise resource planning, logistics and digital shopping. Having already taken on this important topic 20 years ago, the HTI group offers numerous concepts for enterprise and storage resource planning of customers, along with interfaces for various data exchanges.

You have probably already been “online” today, haven´t you? We all use the Internet and online media on a regular basis. And we take it for granted. In business and in private life. What a remarkable development. 20 years ago, the topic “Internet” was not an issue for most of us. And certainly not the subject of eBusiness. In 1995, when the GC-GRUPPE was one of the first wholesalers on the market to present an online shop, hardly anyone believed in the gigantic success. Sceptics would soon be silenced.

Shopping online? Electronic procurement? Facebook, Twitter and the like? Apps for mobile phones? This was once unimaginable. Today, it’s everyday business. We still receive positive feedback on our webshop. Our courage to take on the risk of new ventures is the reason why our ONLINE PLUS service is the leading shop system with more than 100,000 users from retail, trades and industry and why the GC-GRUPPE is the market leader in eBusiness.


The development is far from being over. In future, the possibilities and diversity of eBusiness will continue to increase. Because the market is changing and growing, thus requiring new solutions and tools. With this, we and our customers are required to handle different business offers with greater competence. For this reason, it is our task to support our customers on their way to the future; for example by making tools and our knowledge accessible to them, informing them actively, always being open to questions and suggestions – and thus starting successfully into the future together.

In the past few years, the Internet has developed rapidly. The topic of eBusiness in the B2B area (Business to Business: business relationships between two or more companies) has become increasingly important in the process. This becomes evident in growth rates of over 30 per cent. This also means, however, that companies which are not positioned properly today will miss the right time to take the path into the future.
In the following, we will provide you with a brief overview of different eBusiness solutions and options:


What is eBusiness? Automatic electronic business (eBusiness) is a generic term for all electronic business activities of a company. Nowadays, customers demand a new kind of business relationships. Smart, fast, faultless, transparent and time-independent – that’s what efficient processes have to look like today. Here, eBusiness is an important tool.

The GC-GRUPPE took on this important topic more than 20 years ago. Today, we lead the way in the wholesale sector with a variety of eBusiness solutions; we have established standards and achieved a high level of acceptance among customers. For instance, we use the online shop ONLINE PLUS successfully, make data available via different interfaces (UGS, UGL, GAEB, SHK-Connect, IFD-Connect, OCI) or optimise logistics and storage of many customers with storage management systems.

eProcurement – electronic procurement for industry and major customers. eProcurement stands for electronic procurement and is a very efficient option for companies and businesses in saving costs and optimising processes. The basic idea is simple: a continuous electronic process replaces the conventional, time-consuming and paper-based procurement. The consequence: the purchasing process is accelerated and costs are reduced.
Electronic invoices – no more piles of paperwork. According to estimates, 28.5 billion pages of invoices are sent by postal service every year in Europe. This causes piles of paperwork for the invoice issuers and recipients and also negatively impacts our environment. 7.5 kg of wood, 130 litres of water and 26.8 kilowatt hours of electricity are necessary to produce one standard package of copy paper (500 sheets DIN A4, 2.3 kg). By converting to electronic invoices, our customer not only protects the environment but also saves time and money.

Thomas-Dinger-Arbeitsplatz-2015-07-30-DSC_6585Thomas Dinger, born in 1967, is a trained wholesale and export merchant. He began his career at the Sächsische Haustechnik in Dresden. As an authorised representative and later authorised signatory, he was responsible for setting up the construction and industry department. In early 1996, he was appointed as general manager of HTI Mitteldeutschland. Since 2001, he has been a personally liable partner and co-owner of HTI Dinger & Hortmann KG.