The Petrisberg Ophthalmic Clinic – Patient-centred

Since 2005, the Petrisberg Ophthalmic Clinic has become an ophthalmic centre for the city of Trier. Apart from Trier, it now treats patients in Gerolstein, Morbach and Speicher and elsewhere from the entire region.

On over 1,200 sqm of surface area, all the conveniences of a private clinic are available and patients from all public health insurance funds in Germany are welcome. Today, nine eye specialists work in this cooperative basis to provide basic ophthalmic care in the entire region.

Eye surgeries in the clinic concentrate three main areas: cataracts (the largest area), followed by an increasing number of intravitreal injections, so-called “IVOM”s. This technique has been used for about ten years to treat various forms of macular degeneration. The third focal point is glaucoma surgery.

Since the clinic was opened, over 40,000 patients have been operated on and today, some 5,000 operations are carried out every year. All surgeries are performed on an ambulant basis, so that patients can return to their familiar surroundings immediately after the treatment.


  1. Address

    Max-Planck-Straße 14–16
    54296 Trier
    Tel +49 651 998499-0
    Fax +49 651 998499-19

  2. Year of establishment


  3. Employees

    Nine ophthalmic surgeons,
    including the ophthalmic practice
    of Prof. Wenzel and Colleagues
  4. Business activity

    Cataract, glaucoma and retina surgery,
    laser therapies,
    conservative diagnostics and therapy.