The Passau district: With Hightech into the future

The Passau district is successfully positioning itself as an attractive alternative to overpriced conurbations with respect to economic and residential regions. The 1,530 sq. km-large district scores points with a good mix of economic sectors, a structurally favourable location in the three-country Danube-Moldau region and a high quality of life. The metal-working, mechanical engineering and electronics sectors are some of the highly specialised small and medium-sized companies that characterise the region. An active exchange of personnel between the tertiary education and the private sector is typical of the innovative power of this business location. The private sector benefits from proximity to the University of Passau and University of Applied Sciences in Landshut and Deggendorf Institute of Technology, where there is a direct exchange of staff. The best example of the lively transfer of knowledge is the Technology Centre Energy in the town of Ruhstorf an der Rott, which was opened in 2011 in cooperation between University of Applied Sciences in Landshut and the local business commu­nity and with the support of the Bavarian state government, the district of Passau and the market town of Ruhstorf.

Keeping an eye to the future, the responsible parties at municipal and district level also took the right steps by establishing the Rege­­nerative Energy Centre which was opened at the Passau state vocational college.



  1. Address

    Domplatz 11
    94032 Passau
    Tel +49 851 397-246

  2. District administrator

    Franz Meyer

  3. Infrastructure highlights

    Europe‘s most successful
    health spa and largest golf resort.
    (Bad Füssing/Bad Griesbach). Northern Bavaria‘s most important holiday region
    with 4.7 million overnight stays.
    Germany‘s only graphite mine (Kropfmühl bei Hauzenberg). Bavaria‘s largest district road network (600 km).

  4. Inhabitants