The Heinrich Vogel publishing house drives logistics experts into action

For Germany, a densely populated loca­tion, traffic and logistics are neither pos­­sible nor controllable without regulations or human beings. The demand for qualifica­tions is just as big as the demand for in­­­dividual mobility, logistics solutions and thus the variety of job de­­scriptions. Edu­cation and further training for the traffic system require appropriate media and learning materials.

One of the founders of specialist media aimed at traffic and logistics is Heinrich Vogel, whose publishing house laid the foundations from 1935, with traffic regulatory forms and brochures and soon thereafter teaching materials for German driving schools. During the post-war period from 1946 onwards, he pub­­lished Ver­­kehrsRundschau, the very first German specialist journal on motorised road traffic. Other successful periodicals followed. Heinrich Vogel enhanced his position on the market by expanding the company and played a significant role in road safety.

Until today, the Heinrich Vogel publishing house has set the course thanks to its specialist journals VerkehrsRundschau, verkehrsdienst, Verkehrserziehung, Ge­fahr/­gut, TRUCKER, MöbelLogistik, Nutz­­­­­fahr­­­­­­­­zeug-Katalog, OMNIBUSREVUE, BUS­­Fahrer, Fahrschule, Fahrlehrerbrief and TAXI and provides important guidance for the appropriate occupational groups. The publish­­ing house also offers its target audience specialist books, textbooks, forms, placards, loose-leaf binders and software, all fea­­tured in the product management book.

Today the spectrum of media also contains different online portals and informa­tion platforms, a WebTV section, audio CDs and multimedia offers. One out of every two learner drivers in Germany ac­­quires knowledge by using digital and print products from the publishing house. Whether it is new traffic rules, new edu­ca­tional approaches for driving instructors, current legal developments and tech­­nical innovations used to resolve chal­­­­lenges concerning hazardous materials – the Heinrich Vogel publishing house is already doing it, with many others eager to follow in its footsteps. The conventions and specialist conferences, which have been successfully organised for many years, round off the spectrum of services.

As far as its products and services are con­­cerned, factors including quality and re­­maining close to its target group are at the top of the agenda for the Heinrich Vogel publishing house. Work equipment and reference books are up-to-date and come with a practical focus, teaching materials are prepared in a didactically refined and valuable way and forms are also legally examined. Following in the spirit of the company’s founder, the publishing house is also a trendsetter of growing mobility in our society.



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