THAMM & PARTNER GmbH: We focus on real values

The real estate company THAMM & PARTNER GmbH stands for sophisticatedly restored heritage buildings and innovative new building concepts. Entrepreneur Angela Thamm focusses on residential buildings from the Gründer­­zeit period in Berlin, Potsdam, Leipzig and Görlitz. The houses are extensively refurbished. The goal is to make historic residential buildings shine anew – out of passion for the timeless and precious architecture of earlier eras.

As a real estate company and property developer, THAMM & Partner has been dealing with old buildings since 1982. The company stands for high building quality and passion for detail. In the Salomonstift in Leipzig, for example, details such as ceiling paintings were made visible again and retraced; original floors and staircases, doors and windows were refurbished, while preserving details.

In 2001, THAMM & PARTNER received the award “Brandenburgischen Bauherrenpreis für herausragende städtebauliche Verdienste” (an award presented to building owners by the the state of Brandenburg for outstanding achievements in urban planning) for the refurbishment of a landmarked building in Potsdam.

Tradition with a future – this is our foundation.


  1. Address

    Wormser Straße 5
    10789 Berlin
    Tel +49 30 23634 70-0
    Fax +49 30 23634 70-10


  2. Management

    Angela Thamm

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Acquisition, refurbishment and sale of residential real estate in Berlin, Potsdam, Leipzig and Görlitz
    Specializing in buildings from the Gründerzeit and heritage buildings.