Technologiepark Heidelberg GmbH – A location with many opportunities

With its 80,000 square metres of rental space at five different locations, more than 80 local companies and research facilities, Heidelberg Technology Park is one of Germany’s most important biotechnology centres and a world leader. The recently-opened fifth site is part of Hei­­delberg’s new Bahnstadt district, where housing and high-tech go hand in hand in an attractive neighbourhood. The so-called Skylabs facility offers 20,000 square metres of flexible office and laboratory space.

At the Heidelberg Technology Park, about 160 asso­­ciated members support the development of biotech companies in the pros­­perous Rhine-Neckar metropol­­itan re­­gion. The city of Heidelberg and the Rhine-Neckar Cham­­ber of Com­­merce are the corporate mem­­­bers of the Heidelberg Tech­­nology Park. The Heidelberg Tech­­nology Park is the central contact for all companies and cooperating research institutions.

Furthermore, Heidel­­berg Technology Park promotes the rapid growth of this high-tech location by offering com­­pre­­hen­­sive support services and active net­­work­­ing. It initiates and promotes lo­­cal, national and international networks, fa­­cil­­itates cooperation between science and business, supports technology trans­­fer in established companies and start-ups, acquires external firms, offers lob­­bying services in national and inter­­national associations and serves as a con­­tact for local municipal authorities and federal ministries. The International Part­­nerPort of Heidelberg Technology Park allows a simple and flexible presence on the German market. The abundance of services is further demonstrated by a multimedia conference centre, as well as participation in EU projects to promote collaboration between Euro­­pean bioregions.

Since its foundation in the year 1984, the Heidelberg Tech­­nology Park’s mix of biotech­­nology, med­­ical technology, informa­­tion and commu­­ni­­cation technology and envi­­ronmental technology has made it a vital source of inspiration in connecting science and business. The Hei­del­berg Uni­­versity and renowned research institutes such as the European Molec­­ular Biol­­ogy Labo­­ratory (EMBL), the German Cancer Re­­search Center (DKFZ), the Centre for Molecular Biology (ZMBH) as well as the University of Heidelberg’s Biochemistry Centre (BZH) and the Max Planck Insti­­tute for Med­­ical Research make up a fer­­tile concen­­tration of life sciences.


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