Technische Hochschule Wildau: Excellent Opportunities for Study and Research on an Attractive Campus

The Wildau Technical College (TH Wildau) is a campus college with nationwide and international standing. The campus is located in a landscape full of lakes and forests directly outside the gates of Berlins on an old factory property. The College is ideally linked with its regional environment and is one of the outstanding location factors for the college city of Wildau.

The College has practical and future-­oriented courses in scientific, management and public administration disciplines along with law. The quality man­­agement system for studies and teaching is system-accredited. The College reacts flexibly to the evolving needs, a greater variety of educational paths, altered life situations and financial options of younger people, including by offering a wide range of forms of study such as full-time, part-time, extra-occupational and dual courses of study. A state-of-the-art teaching and research infrastructure, an effective and service-oriented administration and an architecturally urban campus reinforce the Col­­lege’s attractiveness for potential students and teaching staff.

Apart from teaching, research, development and technology-transfer form the College’s second main academic pillar. As one of the strongest research technical colleges in Germany, the TH Wildau promotes innovation as well as the transfer of knowledge and technology. Its R&D activities make the College an important partner for regional and national companies and research centres as well as for the public authorities.

An international and an intercultural orientation characterise the College’s every­­day activities. One sign of this is the high percentage of foreign students, the regular exchange of students, lecturers, participation in international competitions and establishing courses of the TH Wildau at foreign universities and colleges which determined the structure of these institutions.

The TH Wildau regards itself as a family-friendly institution that promotes health. The compatibility of family life, studies and careers and the development of a long-term health-awareness are some of the elementary tasks that are prominently anchored in the College’s mission statement.

Besides the excellent academic teaching and research, the TH Wildau is also a centre of social and cultural life in and for the capital city region Berlin-Brandenburg. One particular point of emphasis is the subject of “life-long learning”.


  1. Address

    Hochschulring 1
    15745 Wildau
    Tel +49 3375 508-0
    Fax +49 3375 500 324


  2. Management

    Prof. Dr. László Ungvári

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  6. Business activity

    30 (full-time, part-time, dual and extra-occupational)