Technische Glaswerke Ilmenau GmbH: A material with a tradition and a future – GLASS

This is also valid for us, the “Tech­nische Glaswerke Ilmenau GmbH“, one of the most well-known German manu­facturers of technical glass products. Built on a history and tradition of more than 300 years of glass manufacturing, we today (with more than 230 dedicated employees) operate an ultra-modern organization with a future that occupies a lead­ing position on the international glass market and that will be maintained.

Environmentally friendly all-electric working melting tanks are joined by automated production lines. The wide variety and quality of our products satisfy an ever-increasing number of customers worldwide. Our production brands, ILMABOR®, ILMADUR® and ILMATHERM®, are found in the follow­ing product groups: laboratory glassware, sight and gauge glasses with DIN 7080 and DIN 7081, technical pres­sed glass, glass tubes, glass rods and capillaries.

Rapid adaptability to market demands and openness towards customer requirements are a matter of course to us. We react fast and flexibly to the special requests of our customers. We are in a position to modify processes according to individual needs. Small, medium or large quantities – no prob­lem.



  1. Address

    Am Vogelherd 74
    98693 Ilmenau
    Telefon +49 (0) 3677 665-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 3677 665-100

  2. Year of foundation

  3. Employees

    233, of which eleven are trainees
  4. Business activity

    Functional and special glass industry
    production, processing and
    distribution of technical glass, laboratory glass, household glass, tubes and rods