Tarek- Al-Wazir: Foreword

Dear Reader,

Hesse is a thriving hotspot at the heart of Germany and Europe, and the metropolitan region of Frankfurt­RheinMain is the key area with its renowned companies, central location and excellent transport links. Its key features do not relate to a single centre, but one with a polycentric structure so that many locations, all with their own unique specialist areas and competencies, are amalgamated into one close neighbourhood.

Frankfurt has established itself as an important financial service centre of the Eurozone, Darmstadt has distinguished itself as a laboratory for science and technology applications, while Hanau is considered to be a town for material engineering and Offenbach is regarded a creative design centre within the region.

Offenbach therefore plays a major role for the region as its creative business endeavours constitute a cross-­sectoral industry which in turn helps to drive forward other branches of trade. Product design and com­munication are neither a decorative feature, nor a nice-to-have addition; in fact, such methods can decide whether a technical device such as a smartphone is a hot seller or a shelf warmer.

This economic diversity that derives from our region is one major advantage when it comes to establishing ourselves as a competitive international and desired location. This goes together with the diverse range of people of different nationalities and states of origin working in the Rhein-Main area. Nowhere is this more evident than in Offenbach, where one in two inhabitants are from a migrant background, and one in three inhabitants have a foreign nationality. This probably makes Offenbach the “most international” city in Hesse. Here lies economic potential that should not be underestimated: According to a study established by KfW Bank, 20 percent of all founders in Germany are migrants; this not only results in the creation of new jobs, but also contributes to injecting an element of vitality into the economy.


Stellvertretender Ministerpräsident und Minister für Wirtschaft, Energie, Verkehr und Landesentwicklung des Landes Hessen