Systec Plastics Eisfeld GmbH – High-tech products for plastics processing industry

The Systec Plastics Eisfeld GmbH is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic recyclates and compounds of LDPE, HDPE and PP made from post-consumer waste in Europe. Under the Systalen brand name they are already a standard that perfectly suit the needs in injection moulding and extrusion. Tailored recipes accor­ding to properties and colour together with a consistently high quality and delivery reliability add to Systalen’s appeal for many plastics applications in numerous industries. This starts with finished prod­­ucts for building construction and civil engineering, landscaping, transport tech­­nology and logistics and goes on to con­sumer goods and the automotive indus­­try. Furthermore, Systalen is also of interest for plastics processing companies with a focus on sustainability. Why? Because there are ecoprofiles with precise values for all Systalen granulates.

Systalen offers innovation for high-quali­­ty applications. It is even possible to receive a Blue Angel for final products. In addition to that, Systalen is used for drainage pipes, profiles, pallets, cable ducts, sewage pipes and moulded parts, grass pavers, buckets, crumple bags, drainage channels, battery boxes, for cable covers, construction buckets, composite aluminium panels, façade claddings, transport boxes, paint buckets and many other things.


  1. Address

    Am Eichgraben 10
    98673 Eisfeld
    Tel +49 3686 3944-0
    Fax +49 3686 3944-39

  2. Management

    Vilmos Polgar
    Dorothee Röckinghausen

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  4. Business activity

    Premium manufacturer of Systalen plastic recyclates of post-consumer waste, primarily of recyclable plastic and wrapping materials from the Yellow Sacks and Yellow Bins