swiss made software: Software with Swiss values

It is no coincidence that the German government recommends for companies to use Swiss software for their salary analyses. Swiss quality is something foreign non-professionals were so far expecting only of clocks, chocolate and cheese – provided they came from Switzerland. In the meantime, however, the Swiss Confederation has long established itself in innovative industries as well.
In software development, for example, swiss made software stands for Swiss values. A product that is essentially manufactured in Switzerland with at least 50 per cent of its production costs contributing to the Swiss portion of its value can apply for the swiss made software label.

But there is more to this label, which was initiated by Luc Haldimann of anycase GmbH. It bundles the Swiss industry service providers and has become a powerful network. Regular events contribute to increasing the awareness of quality assurance with software developers at the location. Moreover, the swiss made software label supports the development of the industry by distinguishing innovators. For example, within the framework of the SwissICT Awards 2009 – as in previous years – swiss made software endowed the SwissICT Newcomer Award. The label thereby promotes industry regeneration and encourages self-assured marketing of Swiss software products.

For, if it is labelled swiss made software, it contains Swiss values. Come talk to us!



  1. Address

    swiss made software
    anycase GmbH
    Centralbahnplatz 10
    CH-4051 Basel
    Telefon +41 (0) 61 511-1150

  2. Founder

    Luc Haldimann
    CEO, anycase GmbH
  3. Year of foundation

  4. Partners

    approximately 150 software producers
  5. Members

    approximately 150 firms
  6. Business activity

    Software products
    and individualized development