STRASSBURGER FILTER GmbH + Co. KG: We create clarity

The Strassburger Filter GmbH + Co. KG, founded in 1919 by Hermann Strassburger in Ingelheim, can trace its origins to development, construction and sale of filter systems for winemakers and beverage manufacturers in the region.

Today, Strassburger Filter is the technology leader in the area of solid-liquid separation thanks to new developments over the past years, including the development of a closed deep-bed filtration system which is primarily used in the pharmaceutical industry for fractionation of blood plasma. Other products include the development of fully automatic crossflow systems for the filtration of wine and juice or a heated chamber filter press which combines the processes of filtration, washing the filter cake and drying it in one machine.

When it comes to tapping new areas of application, Strassburger Filter focuses primarily on the pharmaceutical sector. This sector places the highest demands on the quality of materials used, surface quality and processing. The same applies to applications in the chemical industry where aggressive media place the highest demands on the quality and safety of the plants.


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    Osthofener Landstr. 14
    67593 Westhofen
    Tel +49 6244 90800-0
    Fax +49 6244 90800-8 

  2. Management

    Julia Schnitzler
    (Managing Partner)

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    Development, manufacturing and
    sale of filtration systems for
    solid-liquid separation