Stiftung Diakonat Bethesda: Good for life

At the root of the “Bethesda Spital AG” hos­­pital and “BethesdaBildung AG” school in Basel are the deaconesses, who have passionately devoted themselves to tak­­ing care of people in need. As a private acute-care hospital with chief physicians and in-patient doctors focusing on the two key competencies of “musculo­skel­e­­tal medicine” (centre for rheumatism, back health and pain) as well as “women’s and men’s health” (obstetrics, gy­­naecology, urology), the Bethesda hos­­pi­­tal provides top medical, nursing and ther­­apeutic performances in primary health care. The BethesdaBildung school has been training nurses for almost 100 years, nowadays awarding a college-lev­­el degree. The strength of such a high­ly qualified private education derives from individual student care and a targeted cooperation between the school and the internship institutes.



  1. Address

    Gellertstrasse 144
    CH-4020 Basel
    Telefon +41 (0) 61 315-2121
    Telefax +41 (0) 61 312-1342

  2. Managing Director

    Jürg Matter
  3. Employees

  4. Business activity

    Acute-care hospital and
    nursing college