Städtebund Inn-Salzach GmbH: Inn-Salzach league of towns – Demanding, authentic, different!

The region of the Inn-Salzach league of towns, which is campaigning with the slogan “Ein starkes Stück Bayern” (a strong piece of Bavaria), is an impor­tant showcase of the rural economy in the Munich Metropolitan Region MMR.

Chemistry stands out
as an area of expertise
The association of the following eight towns in the counties of Mühldorf upon Inn and Altötting
• Altötting
• Aschau on the Inn
• Burgkirchen on the Alz
• Garching on the Alz
• Mühldorf upon Inn
• Neumarkt-Sankt Veit
• Töging on the Inn
as well as the town of
• Eggenfelden on the river Rott
represents an economically important region in the rural part of the metropol­­itan region. The region, which has about 230,000 inhabitants and lies in the centre of a triangle formed by Munich, Salzburg and Passau, is, for instance, considered the core area of the Bavari­an Chemical Triangle. At this hub of the chem­­ical industry, the local companies started the ChemDelta Bavaria initiative to further strengthen their unique com­­petitive position. Companies like Clariant, Degussa, Linde or Kraiburg are exemplary protagonists in an area of expertise that provides jobs for 25,000 people and generates about eight billion euros in turnover. Other strong sectors typical of the region are mechanical engineering, organic and natural cereal production and trade. A total of some 16,000 people working in more than 4,000 manufacturing businesses generate 1.75 billion euros. The companies place much importance on implementing their high quality stand­­ards. This is attested to by numerous firms certified to quality, environmental and health and safety standards.

The proximity to the international airports of Munich and Salzburg, optimal links to the rail network and the expansion of the A94 motorway ensure easy accessibility to the region. In addition, the Munich trade fair can be reached in 45 minutes.


The metropolitan region, comprising the regional centres of Munich, Augsburg, Ingolstadt, Landshut and Rosenheim, dis­­plays its potential in an interlinked net­­work, which makes it one of the most important European business regions. The MMR’s attractiveness for new businesses as well as innovations and syn­­er­­gies are promoted through cross-re­­gion­­al cooperation. The Inn-Salzach league of towns likewise carries out various pro­­jects to strengthen the region. One of them is the Unternehmerdialog, business talks that have been taking place four times a year since 2004.
Presentations and guided plant tours at varying host venues provide an opportu­n­­ity for companies and business representatives to give and obtain insights into successful regional strategies, tech­­nol­o­gies and innovations.


The emphasis is on the exchange of ex­­periences and on deepening the knowledge about regional companies, but the talks are also an important platform to establish contacts and initiate or extend cooperation.
One of the league’s key missions is to represent its member companies’ in­­ter­­ests at trade fairs such as the ACHEMA, the leading show of the chemical engineering and process industry.
The Projekt Hochschulen initiative aims to strengthen the relation between local businesses and the neighbouring six uni­­versities and universities of applied sci­­­enc­­es, an essential precondition for knowl­­edge transfer and for recruiting highly qualified staff. To achieve this, the Inn-Salz­­ach league of towns, for in­­stance, or­­­­­ganized a presentation of regional com­­panies at the 2009 job fair of the Deg­­gendorf University of Applied Sci­enc­­es, where students and graduates could col­­lect information about available in­­tern­ships and research projects or ca­­reer opportunities at local firms. The long­­standing, successful cooperation with the TU München university also enriches the league’s projects. Its main purpose is to strengthen the links between bu­­si­­nesses and science.
In foreign trade, the Inn-Salzach league of towns places a special focus on good relations with Russia. In July 2008, the league, with the participation of the Mos­­cow chamber of commerce and industry and the county of Altötting, signed a partnership agreement with the North-Eastern Administrative District of Mos­­cow. The partnership is the result of a pre­­sentation that the league of towns gave at the German Embassy in Mos­­cow in October 2006, which was widely ac­­claimed by the Russians. The partners expect new business contacts and co­­operation to develop, particularly among medium-sized companies.
The economic region represented by the Inn-Salzach league of towns has become a strong investment destination, which earned it a name as a promising place for doing business in Bavaria and world­­wide.
Just as the Mu­­nich Metropolitan Re­­gion has done at national level, the Inn-Salz­ach league of towns has developed a profile of its own at regional level, which goes to prove that cooperation leads to strength and opens up new potentials. Choosing the Inn-Salzach-Rott region as an investment location means to opt for a well developed, future-oriented region, which, not least, offers a high quality of living.



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    Jochen Englmeier
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    Günther Knoblauch
    (1st Mayor of the town of Mühldorf a. Inn)
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