SPS Schutzplanken GmbH: When the crash comes – Active in road safety

Anything is possible when it involves road transport. SPS Schutzplanken GmbH, founded in 1985, specialises in safety scenarios beyond the road. Whether it be on squares, highways, motorways or bridges, SPS Schutzplanken GmbH creates safety through in-house-developed restraint systems for vehicles. Novelties include the stationary steel protection wall VECUR-REC, the crash cushion system VECU-STOP and the energy-absorb­ing crash terminal for vehicle restraint systems in the front and back sections. SPS offers expertise in different areas from construction, production and assembly to scientifically supervised crash tests. The company boasts a remarkable number of patents and can present some positive test results and scientific analyses on its tested products right up to the heavy-duty traffic (EN 1317:2 / H4b, W1). Due to its internationally renowned expertise for passive road safety, SPS Schutz­planken GmbH actively contributes to the development of guidelines for restraint systems on streets in Germany (RPS) and Europe CEN/TC 226 WG 1 – TG1/TG2.

SPS systems – indispensable for creating more safety in traffic.



  1. Address

    Gutwerkstraße 45
    63743 Aschaffenburg

    Büro und Lager:
    Ruhlandstraße 96
    63741 Aschaffenburg

    Tel +49 6021 890-44/45
    Fax +49 6021 895-44

  2. Management

    Dr.-Ing. Hermann H. Urlberger

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Passive road safety through:
    vehicle restraint systems,
    crash cushions,
    crash terminals