Spezialtechnik Dresden GmbH: High technology for every sector

The Spezialtechnik Dresden GmbH belongs to the worldwide operative General Atomics Group and stands at the head of the Spezialtechnik Group Dresden. Companies from the most diverse high technology sectors are combined under their umbrella.

In addition to the Spezial­technik Dres­­den GmbH, the Umwelt- und In­­gen­­ieur­­technik GmbH Dresden is also located in Dresden. It offers tailor-made solutions for environmen­tal mo­­nitoring by means of regional hydrological and radiological monitoring networks as well as systems in the area of water technology.
The Spezial­technik Dresden Service GmbH is located in Dresden too. The company manages real estate belonging to the Spezial­technik Group of com­­panies and offers premium rental properties to interested clients.

Further focal points of the combined group of companies are environmentally friendly utilization and disposal of explosives and munitions, civil and hydrological engineering as well as the re-cultivation of industrial plants and areas. Over and above this, the modernization and maintenance of rail-bound special vehicles also belong to the range of services offered by the Spezialtechnik Group Dresden.


  1. Address

    Zum Windkanal 21
    D-01109 Dresden
    Telefon +49 (0) 351 886-5000
    Telefax +49 (0) 351 886-5443

  2. Year of foundation

  3. Business activity

    Environmental and construction work, munitions disposal, railed vehicles
  4. Managing Directors

    Karsten Blue
    Linden Blue
    Dr. Rainer Eichhorn
    Dr. Wolfgang Petzold