Software ESCROW International GmbH – S.E.I.: The Guardian of YOUR Software Rights

Unbenannt-1Software ESCROW International GmbH is an independent and neutral, worldwide acting ESCROW TRUSTEE.

The ESCROW Service consists of:

• Consulting large IT-endusers, software manufacturers in the industrial, econo­mical, scientific & admnistrative area • Verification and auditing of deposited product packages • ESCROW certification on the base of ISO 9001 • Deposit of source codes in secure ESCROW vaults (underground, access secured, video sur­­veyed, climatic- and antimagnetic-safe • Yearly follow up service • Software ESCROW is safeguarding high investments into software and hightech components to secure software processes within large IT enterprises. It is also safe guarding the intellectual property of the software manufacturer and avoiding at the same time high warranty risks of the board of directors being responsible for the continuity of software processes.


S.E.I. has won since 2007 a number of IT-In­­novation Awards for its various ESCROW services, product awards as well as indu­stry awards, assigned by a large number of neutral ex­­perts and wellknown institutions.


  1. Address

    Bundeskanzlerplatz 2-10-Bonncenter
    53113 Bonn
    Tel +49 228 2673-161
    Fax +49 2684 6427

  2. Management

    Ingrid Neumann & Jürgen Neumann

  3. Year of establishment

    2003 - 2004

  4. Employees

    4 employees and 16 partner

  5. Business activity

    Software ESCROW as the core business, Database ESCROW, KEY ESCROW, the ESCROW TRUST ACCOUNT and online ESCROW
    Document Deposit and Copyright Registration.