Simon Hegele Gesellschaft für Logistik und Service mbH: Logistics as a “full service philosophy”

A trademark of this internationally ac­-tive service provider is lo­­­­­­gis­tics as a “full service philo­so­phy”. Besides classical logistics, the company’s daily business also includes unusual jobs carried out by well-qualified and very experienced employees and the best equipment. Its strengths lies not only in the transport of unpacked, heavy, sen­­sitive and expensive high-tech instruments such as large medical equipment, IT products or copier systems, but in particular in mov­­ing these goods to where they are to be set up, mechanical or electrical in­­stal­lation and commissioning.

In 2005 an­­other sophisticated service was de­­vel­­oped for customers in Halle, namely de­­monstrating and in­­structing employees how to use mobile X-ray systems, mam­­­­mo­gra­phy equipment and urolog­ical work stations di­­rectly on the user’s pre­­m­­ises by the logistics company group’s employees. This service has since be­­come established practice worldwide. These em­­ployees have medical education and work as advisors for medical products. Together with its customers, the Si­­mon Hegele logistics company continues to develop new logistics solutions for which it has won several awards for logistics, innovation prizes and was awarded for several years as an TOP 100 company.


  1. Address

    Niederlassung Halle
    Niederlassungsleiter Toralf Weiße
    Verlängerte Apoldaer Straße 24
    D-06116 Halle
    Telefon +49 (0) 345 56437-7535
    Telefax +49 (0) 345 56437-7530

  2. Partners

    Dieter Hegele, Siegfried Kiefer

  3. Head offices

  4. Business activity

    Procurement solutions, scheduled freight traffic and document services
    full logistics services in: medicine,
    IT/industry, removals, spare parts