SIMICON GMBH: Premium quality for hygienic safety

For more than 25 years, SIMICON GMBH has manufactured biological indicators and spore suspensions for the validation and routine monitoring of cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation processes. By specialising in biological monitoring pro­d­ucts of premium quality, SIMICON GMBH has become the European market leader especially in the field of biological disinfection indicators.

Besides the provision of user-friendly test systems for medical product manufacturers, validators, laboratory service pro­­viders, medical care units, doctor’s offices and public institutions, the collaboration with international WHO reference laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and renowned research institutions is an essential reason for the success of SIMICON GMBH.

With regard to the quality of its biological monitoring products, SIMICON GMBH feels a special responsibility towards the many companies who supply millions of patients worldwide with vital medical pro­­ducts, medicine, diagnostics or wound-dress­­ing material and guarantee patient safety through impeccable hygienic reprocessing on the basis of SIMICON products.



  1. Address

    Sigmund-Riefler-Bogen 19
    81829 München
    Tel +49 89 6733 66-0
    Fax +49 89 6733 66-22

  2. Management

     Paul G. Simon

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  5. Market & Customers

    Pharmaceutical/medical industry, medical products, validation and laboratory service providers, public institutions, hospitals, doctor‘s offices, cosmetics, textile, etc.