The Silur Institute – Achieving a breakthrough into the third millennium

Fotolia_14182415_XL__bearbeitet-Kopie“There is an atmosphere of incredible determination at our Institute combined with the aim of mastering high tech.”

The Silur Institute biotechnology company is one of the most innovative institutions of the NBIC era – consisting of the four converging technologies nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and the neurosciences – and is only just getting started.

The aim of the Silur Programme includes research into and development of new strategies and processes designed to permanently preserve cells, organs and organisms at sub-zero temperatures and to reverse these processes. These technologies are used in applied cryonics and in future will be used in space travel, medicine and organ transplants.

Cooperative efforts in European countries accelerate progress in R&D and enable the Silur Institute to be the only overall supplier in Europe to cryopreserve organisms. A special programme supported by over 40 well-known scientists from interdisciplinary fields offers this service to groups of people.



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    Postfach 1231
    64385 Reichelsheim
    Tel +49 6164 501-932
    Fax +49 6164 501-949
  2. Management

    Andreas Laue
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  4. Business activity

    Biotechnological research, development of plants and products, services in the field applied cryogenics