Siemens in der Schweiz: Siemens – 115 years of activity in Switzerland

Siemens Schweiz AG coordinates all sales and marketing activities for the three Siemens sectors of Industry, En­­ergy and Healthcare. The company has a strong market presence in the areas of energy and building technologies, industrial automation, railway safety systems, medical technology, and IT services. Particularly in the area of energy efficiency, Siemens Switzerland offers a unique spectrum of products and services. The construction of the Wynau power plant in the canton of Bern in 1894 marks the very beginning of Siemens activities in Switzerland. In 1922 Siemens bought Protos Tele­phon­werke AG in Albisrieden, which provided it with its first production site in this country. During the course of the following years, other branches of business were set up and expanded. In 1998 Siemens acquired the industrial division of Elektrowatt, including such re­­putable firms as Landis&Gyr, Landis&Stäfa, and Cerberus. That acquisition turned Siemens into the largest industrial em­­ployer in Switzerland with a presence everywhere in the country. In combination with its subsidiaries and asso­ciate companies, Siemens employs nearly 6,400 people here and generates a turnover upwards of three billion Swiss francs.
Occupational training has been a tradition at Siemens Switzerland for decades; it is the pivot of the Generation21 education programme. With it, Siemens promotes the rising generation of scientists and technicians – from nursery school to college. We would like to be a model and pacemaker in our branch, especially when it comes to occupational training. Currently, Siemens is training more than 300 people in Switzerland.



  1. Address

    Freilagerstrasse 40
    CH-8047 Zürich
    Telefon +41 (0) 585 585-585
  2. Executive Board

    Siegfried Gerlach
    CEO Siemens Schweiz AG

    Rolf Renz

  3. Employees

    approximately 6.400
  4. Trainees

    approximately 300
  5. Turnover

    about 3 billion CHF
  6. Year of foundation

  7. Business activity

    IT Solutions and Services