Scil Proteins GmbH: Top-level research and production

Scil Proteins GmbH is a privately fi­­nanced bio-technology company formed in 1999 by Stefan Engelhorn, Ulrike Fiedler und Rainer Rudolph; today it is part of the Bio­Net Group Munich). In 2005 the company, with an initial six employees, became Scil Proteins Pro­­duction GmbH, which today produces effective pharmaceutical ingredients according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), one of the highest quality standards existing today. Today both companies have a total of over 85 highly-specialized employees qualified in biology, bio­­chemistry and pharmaceuticals.

Scil Proteins is active in two business areas. One is the development of new and innovative effective pharmaceutical ingredients such as Affilin® or MIA2 Zytokin used to combat liver ­fibrosis. While most programmes are in the pre­­liminary R&D area, the Affilin® tech­­no­lo­gy has been made available to in­­ternational partners in the pharmaceu­­ticals industry since 2008.

The other area is the contract manufacture of recombinant proteins for pre-clinical and clinical studies and for supplying market demand. Besides manu­­facturing, it also offers cell lines, process, analytical and protein-folding development.



  1. Address

    Heinrich-Damerow-Straße 1
    D-06120 Halle
    Telefon +49 (0) 345 2799633-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 345 2799633-2
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  3. Employees

    (Scil Proteins & Scil Proteins Production)
  4. Business activity

    Affilin®, MIA2, contract manufacturing, process development, recombinant
    proteins, protein folding