Schubertpower Training und Coaching Camico GmbH: Dynamism and elegance „Made in Thuringia“

During her time as marketing manager and CRM manager for the Mercedes-Benz Group, Claudia Schubert-Otto accumulated until 2008 the experience that she needs as an expert in process optimisation and increasing the awareness of quality by means of targeted staff training. Today she is the managing director of her own consulting and training company as well as the ladies’ pocketwatch manufacturer Camico. Besides numerous workshops in sales coaching and standardisation in medium-sized companies in the automotive industry, she also works as a personnel consultant for senior executives, managing directors and young entrepreneurs from all over Germany.

In the 1930s, her grandfathers – both proprietors of an internationally successful medium-sized company with just under 500 employees – displayed what for those days was a unique aware­­ness of the source of commercial success: employees.

Claudia Schubert-Otto and her team of highly-qualified trainers teach this entrepreneurial spirit to today’s industry. Consulting takes place both at the company’s offices in Langewiesen and at clients’ premises. As an option, her company’s own horses are also used for industry-related training.


  1. Address

    Oberweg 13
    98704 Langewiesen
    Tel +49 3677 6899400


  2. Management

    Claudia Schubert-Otto

  3. Year of establishment

    2008 Schubertpower Training und Coaching
    2010 Camico GmbH