Scholz Gruppe SSL Maschinenbau GmbH: Diversity is our strength

The Scholz-Gruppe encompasses three metalworking companies that provide ser­­vices in CNC turning, CNC milling and grin­­ding with great production depth for other fields of application; in addition to having the corresponding infrastructure at its disposal. The three companies work closely together and complement each other in terms of their objectives.

The service range of SSL Maschinenbau GmbH includes: sample and small-volume serial production, special machines and tool making, manufacture of welded assemblies, construction and development as well as automation solutions by means of robotics technology. The MBE Maschinenbau GmbH is active in the areas of: series and large-scale production with the highest precision and contract machining. The Techno-Innovation Zittau GmbH is a pioneer when it comes to processing particularly complex parts and turning new ideas into marketable pro­­ducts.

The machinery includes: 57 CNC cutting machines as well as other conventional ma­­­­chines and installations for welding, cutting, bending and EDM wire cutting. CNC-coordinate-measuring machines com­­­­plement the range of service. Customers are offered processing sizes in the following areas: CNC turning up to D/L 1600/2500 mm, CNC mill­­ing up to 3400x1400x1200 mm, CNC turn­­­­ing-milling centres up to 2800x3400x1600 mm and precision grinding up to D/L 220/700 mm.

Accolade 2002: „Großer Preis  des Mittelstandes“ as well as  Accolade 2014: „Ehrenplakette“

Accolade 2002: „Großer Preis
des Mittelstandes“ as well as
Accolade 2014: „Ehrenplakette“



  1. Address

    Obercunnersdorfer Straße 5
    Ortsteil Eibau
    02739 Kottmar
    Tel +49 3586 7835-0
    Fax +49 3586 7835-21

  2. Owner

    Dipl.-Ingenieur Hartmut Scholz

  3. Management

    Diplom-Kaufmann Torsten Swoboda
    Jochen Keller

  4. Year of establishment


  5. Business activity

    Contract machining, CNC turning, CNC milling, free-form milling,

    grinding, welded assemblies
    installation, construction