Schneider + Partner GmbH: onsultants to the SMEs

Schneider + Partner is an independent com­­pany of partners, with offices in Dresden, Chem­­nitz, and Munich. Expertise, reliabil­­ity, and quality are our core values. We under­­s­­tand the relationship to our clients as a partnership with one major goal: the long-term economic success of our clients. This success is based on continuity and reliability, as well as the commitment of our highly qualified staff and specialists. About 150 employees, thereof a high number of certified public accountants, tax ad­­­visors, and attorneys, with additional focus on branches or professional specification, provide our clients with comprehensive know-how. Our partner-based structure combines inter-disciplinary competences to meet the needs of our clients. We serve companies and institutions of all legal forms, as well as private individuals. Our offices aim to be partner in all tax and business matters of our clients and set a high value on individual service. We are a member of the Intercontinental Grouping of Ac­­count­­ants and Lawyers (IGAL), a network that enables us to offer our clients world­­wide support.

In addition, , we feel an obligation to the tradition at our locations. We realise that the future success of our company also depends on continued economic and social development in our regional markets. This is why we are not only promoting our own train­­ees but are also intensively promoting new talent in sport, science, the arts and culture.


  1. Address

    Niederlassung Dresden
    Lortzingstraße 37
    01307 Dresden
    Tel +49 351 34078-0

  2. Address

    Reichsstraße 34
    09112 Chemnitz
    Tel +49 371 38195-0

  3. Management

    WP StB Henning Horn
    StB RA Dr. Bernd Kugelberg
    StB RA Stefan Kurth
    WP StB Mario Litta
    StB Knut Michel
    WP StB Angelika Perret
    WP StB Klaus Schneider