Schiffs- und Yachtwerft Dresden GmbH: Shipbuilding with tradition – Best know-how from Dresden

For already more than one hundred years ships have been repaired, reconstructed and newly manufactured at the Schiffs- und Yachtwerft Dres­­­den GmbH. A particular focal point of the shipyard lies in the application of historical technol­­­ogies such as rivet technology, as well as in the repair of steam engines. That way for instance, the more than one hundred-year-old side-paddle steam engines could be reconstructed. For a long time this steam engines moulded the city­­scape of Dresden, alongside the Frauen­kir­che (Church of Our Lady), the Sem­per Opera House and the Zwinger Palace. Thanks to the shipyard, they today be­­long to the most distinguished tourist attractions in the city. However, modern innovative shipping technology is also offered and developed at the Schiffs- und Yacht­werft Dresden. In the area of refitting, valuable racing boats and mo­­tor yachts are renovated. Moreover, at the shipyard’s own design department, the ambit of mobile living and life on water is addressed. Via the shipyard’s patent-slip dock site, ships with a length of up to 80 metres can be taken on land and also be set to water. Due to its lo­­cation on the Elbe river, the shipyard is also accessible from all European na­­vigation areas. With its wide variety of offers, the Schiffs- und Yacht­­werft Dres­den makes a considerable contribution to inland navi­­gation of the Dresden region.


  1. Address

    Österreicher Straße 95
    D-01279 Dresden
    Telefon +49 (0) 351 2111170
    Telefax +49 (0) 351 2111199

  2. Year of foundation

    1898 in Laubegast, Dresden;
    Buy-out in 2005
  3. Business activity

    Shipbuilding, new ship construction,
    ship repairs, steel building,
    steel ship building, wooden ship building,
    stainless steel/aluminium,
    mechanical engineering,
    engine overhauling, ship electronics,
    interior fittings, ship sections, superstructure, inland navigation, passenger ships, ferries, floating and fixed structures and constructions,
    design and construction
  4. Shipyard signboard

    the reconstruction
    of historical side-paddle steamships.