Schenck Process Group: We make processes work. In all areas of industry. The world over.

The name Schenck Process is synonymous with more than 125 years of experience and a strong brand. Today, the company, founded as an iron foundry and scales factory, is one of the global market leaders in applied measuring and process technologies. Around the world the company em­­ploys approximately 2,500 members of staff. More than one third of these em­­ployees are engineers that work for Schenck Process around the globe, producing leading technological products with their special know-how.

What’s more, the company which has been recognized as a “Top Employer for Engineers” for the 7th time, has keenly sought out an intelligent workforce ever since its foundation. Engineer Carl Benz, who later achieved fame as the pioneer of the German automotive industry, was the first technical employee of the Carl Schenck iron foundry and scales factory, founded in Darmstadt in 1881. Today, the products of Schenck Process cover a wide range of process engineering solutions in weighing, feeding, conveying, screening, automation and air filtration technology. Be it putting the right number of gherkins in a 370 milliliter glass jar, producing the opti­mum aluminum for a Formula 1 engine, blending the right material for a bridge con­struction or generating energy in a highly effi­cient and environmentally-friendly manner – Schenck Process develops ultra-­modern technologies for virtually all sectors of in­dustry. The product range stretches from feeders for small volumes used in the pharmaceutical industry, processing 20 grams per hour up to 20,000 tons of coal per hour in train loading applications. Schenck Pro­cess also offers cutting-edge software solu­tions. The long-established company is breaking new ground with its IQ portfolio, showing how to intelligently link and automate production stages and processes.

Four international business units deliver tailor-made solutions for a wide range of requirements, including those in the cement and steel, chemicals, plastics, food and pharmaceuticals, mining, power, transport and automation and service industries.

Darmstadt is home to the central research and development team and two TestCen­ters. Staff in the bulk material TestCenter work to establish which feeders are best suited to which bulk materials. Our screening technology TestCenter on the other hand ensures that every raw material is optimally screened.

For a number of years Schenck Process has been training young people for technical and commercial careers and students on dual degree programs at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim (DHBW).

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    Pallaswiesenstraße 100
    D-64293 Darmstadt
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  2. Management

    Andreas Evertz (CEO)

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  4. Employees

    2,500 worldwide