Schenck Process GmbH: We make processes work. In every sector of industry. Worldwide.

The name Schenck Process stands for more than 125 years of experience and innovation. The compa­ny, originally founded as an iron foundry and scales factory, is to­­day one of the global market leaders in the area of applied measuring and process tech­­nology, employing ap­­prox­­i­mate­ly 2,800 employees at 32 locations world­­wide, including serv­­ice centres and mod­­ern manu­­facturing facilities. More than 1,000 engineers are employed by Schenck Process world­­wide, all of whom put their specific expertise and know-how to work to produce leading technological products.

The company, which has already been awarded the title “top employer for engi­­neers” three times, has been bless­­ed with smart people right from the start.Carl Benz, who later became known as the innovator of German auto­­mo­tive manufacturing, was the first technical employee at the Carl Schenck iron foundry and scales fac­­tory Darm­­stadt, found­­ed in 1881. Today, Schenck Process offers a wide range of products includ­­ing process technology solutions in the areas of weighing, feed­­ing, screening and automation. Whether it’s a question of putting the right number of gherkins in a 370-millilitre glass jar, producing the optimum aluminium for a Formula 1 engine, blending the right material for a complex bridge construction or generating energy in a highly efficient and environmentally friendly way – Schenck Process de­­vel­­ops state-of-the-art tech­­nologies for almost every sector of industry. The product range stretches from feeders for small volumes used in the pharma­­ceutical industry processing 20 grams per hour up to wagon loading systems with a capacity of 20,000 tonnes of coal per hour, and from highly sensitive weighing and feeding electronics to huge screening machines with 30 tonnes of weight.

Schenck Process also delivers state-of-the-art software solutions. Tailor-made solutions for a wide range of requirements are offered by five inter­­national business segments which, inter alia, cover the areas of cement and steel, chemistry, plastics, food and pharmaceuticals, mining, coal-­fired power plants as well as transport and automation. The company’s innovative products are constantly being recognised and awarded high-profile prizes. Schenck Process pursues a consistent growth strategy and has expanded in recent years by taking over relevant companies, for example Clyde Process Solutions. And the course is set for further international growth.




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