Saarstahl AG: Quality and competence

With its locations in Völklingen, Bur­bach and Neunkirchen and to­­gether with the Roheisen­gesell­schaft Saar in Dillingen (Saarstahl and Dil­lin­ger Hüt­­te each with 50 per cent), Saarstahl AG ranks among the most significant long pro­­duct manufacturers in the world. The company has a renowned and high competency in the area of steel produc­­tion and further process­ing. The Saar­­stahl concern specializes in the production of wire rod and bar steel of various qualities as well as forged and cast steel products. To­­day as well as in the fu­­ture, such pro­d­­ucts are im­­portant primary products for the auto­­mobile in­­dustry and their suppliers, the con­­struction in­­dus­­try, ener­­­­gy ma­­chine con­­­­­­­­struction, the aircraft and aerospace industries, general ma­­chine con­­struc­­tion and other steel-pro­­cessing fields.



  1. Address

    Bismarckstraße 57–59
    D-66333 Völklingen
    Telefon +49 (0) 6898 10-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 6898 10-4001

  2. Year of foundation

  3. Raw steel production(31.12.2009)

    1,341,000 tonnes

  4. Executive Board

    Dr. Klaus Harste

    Dr. Karlheinz Blessing
    Fred Metzken
    Dr. Peter Schäfer

  5. Consolidated sales (31.12.2008)

    2,280 million euros